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Monday, December 18, 2006

Allergic to Bricks?

Created February 10th, 2006

(the journaling doesn't show up on the pic - it's on the rusty cardstock)
"Kylan, Kylan, Kylan....the silly little things that you say! One day as we were driving into the Tim Horton's drive-through (you have to go through 2 brick walls), Kylan tells us "You know what? I'm allergic to bricks!" hahahahahahahahahhaha Then one day we were going to McDonald's and I tell him "Kylan, we can't goto McDonalds since the building is made of bricks"....he looks at me with a goofy smile and says "Mommy, I'm not allergic to those kinds of bricks" hahahahaahhha"
What a goofy kid!!!!

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