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Tuesday, December 5, 2006

What I've done... *My Scrapbooking Resume*

* Layout of the Day - Gold Star Find at Scrapbook Star on Jan. 23rd 2008

* Came in 3rd place for the Scrapping Idol contest April '07

* Entered a "Scrapping Idol" contest at "SCRAPBOOKING @ Photo Metro" here in North Bay, Ontario. As of April 9th, I am one of the last 6 contestants left :)

* Asked to become the Design Team Leader at Sarah's Shabby Shoppe - I was already on the Construction Crew/DT, but she called me today (April 7th, 2007) and asked me to be the DT Leader!!!! YOUPPIE...I'm so happy!

* Layout of the Day at Sarah's Shabby Shoppe - April 6th, 2007

* Design Team Member at Sarah's Shabby Shoppe for her Construction Crew!!!! YOUPPIE :D

* Layout of the Day at Sarah's Shabby Shoppe - February 7th, 2007

* Entered the Creating Keepsakes Hall of Fame contest for 2007

* 3rd place in the Sassacraft's Team Scrappin' Contest

* Winner of the BLING Contest in Feb. 2006 at Scrapjazz

* Member of the Month at Sandy's Scrapbooking ~ Feb. 2005 (approx.)

* Design Team Member at Captured Moments (May-October 2006)

* Designt Team Leader at Captured Moments (May-October 2006)

* Fun & Games Leader at Captured Moments (October 2006 - Present)

* Got nominated for a Scrapjazz Award for my "Big Shoes to Fill" layout - December 2005

* Had a layout "Living with BD" showcased in the Basic Grey Gallery - June 2006

* Winner of the Gin-X layout Contest (Your Many Faces) at Captured Moments - April 2005

* Member of the Month at Captured Moments - March 2005 (approx.)

* Layout of the Day at Scrapjazz - February 28th 2006

* Layout of the Day (Pumpkins) on October 11th, 2006 - at Scrapbook Star

* Layout of the Week (Photogenic) for the week of October 23rd to 29th, 2006 - at Scrapbook Star

* Nominated for Layout of the Month at Scrapbook Star - October 2006

* co-founder and co-owner of "Two Girls & A Scrapbook Shoppe" - April 2005

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ChrissyW said...

those are some fantastic things!!!! - well done!!!